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These are some of the folks that handle the ‘day-to-day’ operation of PCANFL.

They serve as the ‘ground pounders’ of the club so they need your input to make sure they’re doing what they can to help you make the most of your PCA membership experience.

Getting in touch with them is as easy as clicking on the image associated with their entry on the right so never hesitate to contact them if you feel the need – they are indeed here for YOU!

Steve Bolles - Tallahassee, FL.

Steve was introduced to Sports Cars in 1965 when the underdog Chaparral won the 12 Hours of Sebring. Recognizing the virtue of unbridled engineering and the appeal of the underdog led him to Porsche during their dominating success in the 60’s and 70’s. The stories shared by Porsche enthusiasts is what keeps him involved in all things Porsche. Share the experience.

Fred Borg - Panama City, FL.

Having grown up in Connecticut and moving around the world during a 20-year Army career, Fred retired and settled down in Panama City. Retiring again after working 21 years as a civilian drug abuse counselor, a 2002 Boxster caught his eye. Fred's first Porsche! The Boxster gets driven regularly, including all the way to South Dakota last Fall for the "Escape to Rushmore" event. In addition to Porsche activities, Fred is an avid genealogist and wildlife photographer. 

William Dixon - Tallahassee, FL.

William has always been a big fan of sports cars, especially Porsches. When he was finally able to purchase his first Porsche, he admits it was one of the best things that ever happen to him. Ever since, he has been enjoying amazing driving experiences and wonderful times with the North Florida Region’s Canopy Roads group. He looks forward to many more years enjoying his Porsches and the Porsche family.

Tim Kerns - Tallahassee, FL.

Tim had his first seat of the pants Porsche experience in 1966 when he attended a couple of SCCA driving schools in an EP '57 Speedster. A '63 Super 90 followed during a three year active duty tour with the Army. After a brief hiatus of only four decades, Tim returned to the Porsche fold with a 2010 Boxster, followed shortly there after with a trade up for a 2013 Boxster in Dec 2012. He is retired from the US Army Reserve after a 31 year career as an Armor and Military Police officer and the State of Florida where he served most recently as the Director of the Division of Capitol Police. He now plays in an Irish band.

Ray Morales - Tallahassee, FL.

Ray currently serves as Chief Medical Officer for Hospital Corporation of America's North Florida Division and has been in corporate medicine for over 18 years. Ray also practiced in Beverly Hills, California as an active OB/GYN for 13 years prior to entering corporate medicine. His love for the 911 goes back to its origin and he loves the classic style and elegance the car brings to his soul when he drives it to work every day. Born and raised in California, Ray admired his colleague's Porsche Targa which was driven to the hospital every day. Ray is the proud owner of a 2011 Carrera S and a new 2016 Targa GTS.

Merv Stephens - Tallahassee, FL.

Merv's first introduction to Porsches was in 1968, attending the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring with his dad. After those races the hook was set! His first Porsche was a 2001 Boxster bought in 2005 by his wife Kim when he turned 50. Currently he drives a 2008 Boxster and loves driving with the top down. He became a member of the PCANFL in 2012. Merv has been working for the Florida Department of Law  Enforcement for the last 38 years as a Senior Crime Lab Analyst and prior to that with the FBI in Washington DC.

Roy Vaughn - Niceville, FL.

Roy is a retired United States Air Force (USAF) pilot that still works for the Department of the Air Force as a civilian. He owns a 1986 944 that was a Zuffenhausen delivery while he was stationed in Europe and he and wife Janelle have recently added a 2014 Cayman to the fold. He has been a Porsche owner for 28 years and a PCA Member since 2009. Roy is an avid race fan and has been ever since listening to the 1959 Indy 500!

Bob Wilson - Crawfordville, FL.

As many folks in the region may now be aware, PCANFL lost a Guiding Light and True Friend with the passing of longtime Board Member and Region President Bob Wilson during a PCA DE at Roebling Road in mid-February. Bob was involved in an on-track incident that also seriously injured Patrick Wilson (no relation), an Instructor that was riding with Bob. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bob's wife Christa, Patrick and the families and friends of both. This is a trying time for all concerned and we ask that you join us in providing understanding and comfort for them during the difficult days ahead. Please note that Vice President Tim Kerns (see his entry above) is leading the Region until the task of selecting a new President can be completed.


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