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Porsche Club of America

Porsche Club of America -  The National Website for PCA. Get news from across Zone 12 and the rest of the nation here.

PCA Zone Map & Regional Website Directory -  Check out our sister Zones and their associated Region's websites here.

PCA Zone 12 Regional Website Directory -  Our hosting Zone. All of Zone 12's Regional websites can be located by following this link.

PCA Club Racing - If you're looking to 'mix it up' in head-to-head competition with other PCA drivers at tracks throughout the US then you need to check out this website.

Sonnenschein Region - The website of our sister-region to the West. Find out what the neighbors are up to (and they are indeed up to things!) here.

Florida Crown Region -  The website of our sister-region to the East. PCA Club Racing is just one of this Region's fortes. Jacksonville FL. bound? Check them out!

Porsche Cars North America

Porsche Cars North America  - What can we say? See what Porsche is up to, both nationally and worldwide, on the official corporate website! Get news and press releases from the source!

Capital Porsche  - One of two factory authorized dealers for PCNA and Porsche AG in PCANFL's area. These folks 'know' Porsche and we encourage you to contact them!

Porsche of Destin  - The newest factory authorized dealer for PCNA and Porsche AG in PCANFL's area. These folks 'know' Porsche and we encourage you to contact them!

Porsche Sport Driving School - If you’ve always wanted to push a new Porsche to its limits under expert guidance then here’s the chance! From 991 to Cayenne they’ve got it!

Porsche Oriented Resource Sites / Discussion Forums

Rennlist - The famous site with info, pictures and web forums dedicated to discussing, caring for and driving you favorite cars. From early 356's to Carrera GT's, it's there!

Renntech - Another great source for Porsche information & discussions.

Clark's Garage - Providing a wealth of information for both current and prospective owners of Porsche's venerable 924/944/928 series cars, it would be very difficult to find another website that answers as many owner questions a this one does!

Independent Porsche Specialists

dC Automotive - Looking for that special part that will make your 1965 or newer Porsche whole? From the 'hard to find' to those 'everyday' bits & pieces that you need to complete a refresh, repair or upgrade project, dC Automotive is a 'First Call' to get what you need!

GK Restorations - What can we say? There is no finer place to have that special Porsche restored and made like 'new again'. These folks are the absolute 'Gold Standard' in Porsche restoration throughout the world!

Pelican Parts - A fountain of knowledge and parts just waiting to be tapped brought to you by the venerable Wayne Dempsey of "101 Projects" fame! Parts, Accessories, Technical Info, excellent 'How Tos', Discussion Forums and more are just a click away. 

Smith Motorworks - Panama City, FL - Located at 1500 Beck Avenue in the historic St. Andrews area of Panama City, FL, they are  Porsche parts and service specialists.

Lesch Designs - Benny is indeed a 'Master Craftsman' of the sort you really need when you want things done right! Specializing in Upholstery and Trim for all makes of automobiles (vintage, custom or new), his repertoire also includes Fine Furniture and any other item that needs an 'Expert' to cover it correctly. You only need to check out his website to see the incredible work he does!

Insurance Providers

LELAND-WEST - As one of the premier insurers of performance automobiles (both Classic and New!), these folks have some Great options available for Porsche owners. Click on the link at left to see how they can help you take care of your Porsche (and your other special cars!) with an 'Agreed Value' Policy!

Nearby Car Clubs

SCCA's Dixie Region - The local Region of the SCCA where Solo (autocross) and social opportunities abound! Region info and links to other local car clubs. Our kind of folks!

SCCA's Buccaneer Region - Dixie's sister Region of the SCCA. Interested in SCCA Club Racing and Solo in the Savannah GA and Jacksonville FL area? Check here! Great info for the Florida area!

Motorsports Sanctioning Organizations

PCA Club Racing - If you're looking to mix it up in 'head-to-head, wheel-to-wheel' competition with other PCA Porsche drivers at tracks throughout the US then you need to check out this website.

SCCA Club Racing - Not long after WWII these folks imported 'sportscar racing' from Europe to the US and started it all for those of us on the 'left side' of the Atlantic! In keeping with a tradition and history that few organizations can claim, SCCA does indeed have the folks and resources that can help you move from the street to the track in very fine style! DO check them out!

ALMS American Le Mans Series - As America's Premier Road Racing Sanctioning Body, an ALMS race has it all. This where the finest road racing machinery in the world goes 'toe-to-toe' for fame and fortune - don't miss even a single event!

Grand-AM Racing - NASCAR's Road Racing series and, like you'd expect, it's packed with plenty of action! With Daytona Prototypes and GT Class cars, their races are indeed a 'must view' for the Porsche enthusiast!

HSR Historic Sportscar Racing - Looking for an event that will let you get 'up close and personal' with some of your favorite machines from both the past and present? Have a 'retired' racecar that you're just itching to get back on the track? Look no further! With events scheduled at your favorite venues throughout the US, these folks have have exactly what you need!

SVRA Sportscar Vintage Racing Association - If you're yearning for the 'Glory Days' of Sportscar Racing then you need to know about these folks. SVRA showcases the history of Sportscar Racing in a manner that will really make you think you've gone back in time. From spectator to driver, you are indeed going to have a Great time at one of their events!


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