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These are some of the folks that handle the ‘day-to-day’ operation of PCANFL.

They serve as the ‘ground pounders’ of the club so they need your input to make sure they’re doing what they can to help you make the most of your PCA membership experience.

Getting in touch with them is as easy as clicking on the image associated with their entry on the right so never hesitate to contact them if you feel the need – they are indeed here for YOU!

President - Roy Vaughn

Roy spent 28 years as an United States Air Force (USAF) pilot and retired as a Lt Col.   After active-duty retirement, he worked as a Department of the Air Force Civilian at Air Force Special Operations Command for an additional 15 years.  His first Porsche driving experience was in an Air Force friend's 914.  He and his wife, Janelle, own a 1986 944 that was a Zuffenhausen delivery while stationed in Europe, and a 2015 sapphire blue Cayman. He has been a PCA Member since 2009. Roy is an avid race fan and has been ever since listening to the 1959 Indy 500 and always looks forward to the annual family trip to the Indy 500.  His other interests include building 1/43rd scale model cars, one of which is on display in the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, mountain biking, and playing guitar (very badly).

Vice President - Mindy Waters

It wasn't long after Mindy's husband Barry purchased an '86 Guards Red Carrera in 2002 that Mindy took a keen interest in Porsches. In 2004, Mindy purchased an '88 Guards Red 944 and has since become well acquainted with both a 2008 Cayman S and a 2010 Cayenne. Mindy has been an active PCANFL member for many years and has completed both the Porsche Sport Driving School's Advanced and Masters courses at Barber Motorsports Park. When not behind the wheel of the Cayman or Cayenne, Mindy works as a Software Development Practice Manager for DXC Technology.

Secretary - Bruce Gould

Bruce was a freshman in high school when a friend invited him to ride along in a local car rally. After that first ride in the friend’s 914, he was hooked on the Porsche brand. It took quite a few years before he was able to purchase his first 911 but the wait was well worth it. His current Porsche is a 2018 Macan S. A sport SUV with Porsche comfort and performance, a great way to travel down the road with his wife Elizabeth and their new granddaughter.

Treasurer - Steve Bolles

Steve was introduced to Sports Cars in 1965 when the underdog Chaparral won the 12 Hours of Sebring. Recognizing the virtue of unbridled engineering and the appeal of the underdog led him to Porsche during their dominating success in the 60’s and 70’s. The stories shared by Porsche enthusiasts is what keeps him involved in all things Porsche. Share the experience.

Membership Chair - Dave Jerome

Growing up in Ohio, Dave worked on a farm before joining the Navy in 1977, attending flight school in Pensacola. After the Navy, he went back to school and studied engineering and subsequently enjoyed a successful 32-year career as an Air Force civilian. After his retirement, he spent 8-years as vice president of a science and technology company. Dave initially became a huge fan of early Porsches in March 1985 when he purchased his first open 356 – a 1959 Convertible D. A 1955 1500N Speedster soon followed. In 2014, he ordered a 911 50th Anniversary Edition which he recently sold to a dealer in CA. His most recent Porsche is a 1956 1600N Speedster. Dave has been a member of the 356 Registry since 1985, and is an avid racing fan, and races go karts in his spare time. Dave and his wife Betta (who is also an engineer) have twin sons, who are both living in Orlando and are also engineers.

Canopy Roads Area Activities Chair - Shirley Kerns

After 20 years with the Florida Department of Insurance, Shirley joined a local law firm in Tallahassee and has been providing consulting services to insurance companies and other regulated entities for the last ten years.  Shirley's love of Porsches has been growing ever since her husband Tim purchased his 2010 Boxster.  She was not remotely old enough to drive when he owned his earlier Porsches! Shirley enjoys attending various sports car events around the region with Tim and also enjoys sports and other outdoor  activities.

Emerald Coast Area Activities Chair - Scott Roberts

Scotty bought his first Porsche, a 1973 911T, brand new in London when he was flying F111E’s at RAF Upper Heyford, UK. He Joined PCA that year. He Married wife Jan in 1977 when she owned a 1971 911T. They belonged to Ark-La-Tex Region in Shreveport, then War Bonnet Region in Tulsa and attended Porsche Parades in ’76 in Brainerd, ’77 in San Diego, and ’78 in Aspen. Scotty is a retired USAF Lt. Col. living in Destin, and owns a Midnight Blue Metallic 997 Carrera Cabriolet.

Safety/Insurance Chair - Merv Stephens

Merv's first introduction to Porsches was in 1968, attending the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring with his dad. After those races the hook was set! His first Porsche was a 2001 Boxster bought in 2005 by his wife Kim when he turned 50. Currently he drives a 2008 Boxster and loves driving with the top down. He became a member of the PCANFL in 2012. Merv has been working for the Florida Department of Law  Enforcement for the last 38 years as a Senior Crime Lab Analyst and prior to that with the FBI in Washington DC.

Driver Education Chair - Matt Condon

Matt Condon lives in Destin with his wife Kendra where he is a yacht broker. He caught the affliction known as the 'track bug' in 2011 after driving several fast laps during an exotic car experience. This led to the purchase of his first Porsche - a Cayman S type 981, followed by a Cayman GTS, a type 987 Cayman, and finally, a Cayman GT4. His first organized track event was a PCA sponsored Driver's Education weekend at his home circuit NOLA Motorsports park in New Orleans. He has also driven at Disney World Speedway, the Daytona Speedway 24hr circuit, and the infamous Nurburgring in Germany.

Region Historian - Alan Berg

Alan’s first Porsche experience was riding in his Dad’s Speedster as a youngster. He obtained his first Porsche in 1978, when he bought a 1977 Porsche 924. He no longer has that car, but retains the 1987 911 Targa he purchased in 1990, the 1964 356 Cabriolet he purchased in 2004, the 2007 911 Cabriolet, purchased in 2007 and the 1988 Commemorative Edition 911 Cabriolet he purchased from Gary Kempton’s estate in 2012. Alan has been a member of PCA since 1998 and has held several offices in the North Florida Region. He is a former Army Officer having served in the Infantry and Military Intelligence Branches, and is retired from Sprint Corporation where he served as an Attorney for 20 Years.

Webmaster - Barry A. Waters

Barry first discovered the lure of the Porsche marque in the early 1980's while stationed with the U.S. Army just outside of Porsche's home in Stuttgart, DE, but it was his attendance of a Porsche Driving Experience (PDE) 2-Day Advanced Driving Course at Road Atlanta in 2002 that really set the hook! A 1986 911 Carrera Coupe and membership in PCANFL soon followed and a 1988 944 for wife Mindy came not long after that - a move that truly turned the passion into a 'family' affair. Additional driving instruction for both Barry and Mindy via the Porsche Sport Driving School (PSDS) Advanced and Master's Courses resulted in a 2008 Cayman S showing up next but not last, as a 2010 CPO Base Cayenne has recently been added to the mix. After 14 years of enjoying the 'Porsche Ownership Experience' and the benefits of PCA Membership, both can only agree that Porsche and PCANFL is one Wonderful combination!            

PCA Zone 12 (Deep South) Representative - Lisa Lewis

Lisa's Bio is coming shortly!


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