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What Exactly IS Zonefest 2017?

In the simplest terms it's an Annual Three Day Party where folks from the 10 Regions comprising PCA's Zone 12 get together in a 'mini-Parade' environment to enjoy all things Porsche!

This year it's in Tallahassee, FL over the Memorial Day Weekend and is being hosted by PCA's North Florida Region.

The weekend's program is engineered to provide a fun and exciting experience and its activities reflect the varied interests of PCA members themselves: competition driving, concours showing & judging, automotive mechanical and technical subjects, driving tours, fine dining and, most importantly, sharing the great camaraderie that PCA membership provides!

What more can we say, other than Make Your Plans Today!

Porsche Club of America's Zone 12
Tallahassee, Florida ● 26th ~ 28th May, 2017
Hosted by Porsche Club of America's
North Florida Region

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We hope you will agree when we say that Zonefest 2017 will provide the environment and target audience combination your business looks for when seeking to maximize its advertising expenditures. Click on the image at left to see how your business can become an Official Zonefest 2017 Sponsor!

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